lymphatic group

Join Coach Tabitha for a 6 day Dairy Free Lymphatic reset.

  • Are you finding it difficult for your body to handle dairy?
  • Is your tummy in a state of feeling bloated or gassy?
  • Do you want to help your digestion without giving up dairy for good?
If your answer is yes to any of the above items, this group may be just the help you need!
This reset is designed to help you clear out dairy proteins for a full 6 days to reset and cleanse your lymphatic system so that you can better digest them when you start introducing dairy back in after the cleanse.  It is good sometimes to give our bodies a rest from things in order to help metabolize them better.  Coach Tabitha is the Admin for THM Autoimmune and Hashimotos (Unofficial) Facebook group, and she will be leading a recurring group (dates will be announced on Facebook @SoarTogetherTHM).

Cost: $59 for this 6 day group

What we will cover:
– Ways to help cleanse your body of dairy and dairy proteins
– How to have tasty treats and meals that are totally dairy free
– Coach Tabitha will go live daily during this 6 day reset and will also have tutorial videos for you as well as special recipes and dairy free suggestions to make this as easy and fun as possible!

Things you may want to buy/borrow for this 6 day reset:
  • Vegan Butter (Myoko brand is amazing)
  • Skin Brush
  • Rebounder (mini trampoline or if you have one already, that’s a bonus)!
  • Kite Hill Cream Cheese
Use code: SAVE5 for a $5 off discount and sign up today!