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I met Serene on the Mount of Blessing in Israel of all places!  We spent an afternoon together and I got to know her as a person.  The encouragement she shared with me regarding some of my health concerns, was life-changing.  Today I am a Certified Trim Healthy Mama Lifestyle Coach, and it is my desire to help other women the way Serene helped me. 

It was not right away that I looked into THM.  Our meeting was not based on THM in fact, I had never looked into the plan for myself until I met her.  I felt that little nudge that day, although Serene didn’t even mention this at all in our talk.  After that day, I prayed, I sought information on the THM Lifestyle, and asked the Lord if it was His plan and will for me, would He show me?  It really knocked my socks off when He confirmed it in so many ways.  Now the progress I’m making towards my goals, the several pounds I’ve shed, the tone and shaping up, are just some other confirmations to me.  The scale victories and non-scale victories I’ve seen in myself and others, have been such an inspiration to me. I did go all in, gently but fully into the plan, but I’m so glad I did.  I have no plans of ever going back! THM has been the Lord’s help to change my life and my family for the better.

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Personally I have used THM to help overcome many health issues which have stalled weight loss for me in the past from Hashimoto’s, hormone imbalances, toxicity issues, and immune system weaknesses. 

It is my prayer that the experience I have walked through overcoming autoimmune disease – specifically Hashimoto’s, as well as adrenal fatigue, hormonal challenges including the loss of one ovary, and many other areas will be a blessing to many other mamas on plan. 

I love making new THM recipes, but also making the plan easy and workable into every lifestyle.  If you’re a Drive-Thru-Sue or a Purist Pam, we can make this plan fit into your life.  I like to challenge my clients and give them some encouraging goals for the day to help them make tangible steps toward reaching their goals.  You don’t need to leap into anything.  Taking baby steps is the best way to integrate new lasting changes into your life.  Having someone to hold your hand and hold you accountable, is something that my THM coaching provides.

Tabitha About

About Me

My name is Tabitha Lovell, and I come from a nursing background as a nurse working in Ortho/Neuro, ER/Triage, as well as Nursing Administration. I’m a mom, a wife, and most importantly, a follower of Jesus Christ. My experience both professionally and personally, offer a unique dynamic to my SOAR Together THM Coaching. I love helping clients reach their goals and build up their immune systems while incorporating the THM Plan and Lifestyle. My focus is not only weight loss, but overall health and wellness of the whole person. Weight loss is a very lovely byproduct, but not the first and foremost focus, because as we all know, the scale can fluctuate especially while blood sugar is balancing. 

I am a health practitioner and have experience recommending special products (both THM and non-THM products) to those facing challenges of autoimmune conditions and other health challenges. I am a Trim Healthy Mama Lifestyle Coach and I enjoy making special recipes with healthy ingredients for friends and family to help them achieve their goals of weight loss, healing their bodies naturally, and so much more!

Over the years both my husband and I have learned a lot about health and wellness and we desire to share our knowledge with those we come in contact with through Adoption Airfare, our travel agency business, as well as our radio listening platform, Spirit of Adoption Radio. Through the experience we have both professionally and personally, we desire to help our clients achieve the best response to our environment as possible, through building up a healthy immune system. We are told in the Word of God that there will be “pestilences” coming. With a healthy and strengthened immune system, we can be prepared to heal our bodies and fight the next pandemic if it does happen to come upon us.

If you are one of our travel clients, it is our desire to help you to build up your immune system before the next time you fly. If you are a THM Coaching Client, It is my desire to help you reach your goals with the THM Plan, lose weight, and develop healthy habits to keep off excess weight, but also to SOAR above sickness and disease!

We started Soar Naturals during the COVID pandemic, to help provide high quality products for helping build immunity and prepare for whatever comes our way.

Our Soar Naturals products are formulated in a USP laboratory in the USA, meeting the highest quality and certification standards possible in the nutraceutical industry. We have made sure to choose the highest quality ingredients for our clients, free from the excipients and waste products that are found in many products on the market today.

We have come from a background of autoimmune conditions, heart conditions, thyroid issues, and more.  We have been helped tremendously by these amazing products, and now it’s time to allow others the opportunity to benefit from the things that have benefited us.

Faith Talk

The greatest healing we can attain, is through a relationship with Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross to bring us freedom from our sin and bondage through His great sacrifice.  His death and resurrection is what has brought the opportunity for all of us to become a true Butterfly, going from the caterpillar of a life of sin, to a beautiful new creation in Christ, just like the THM Butterfly.

With the Lord’s help, we can go beyond our normal capabilities and truly SOAR as the Butterfly we were intended to be.  God has given us things physically that we can apply that will give us health to take care of our bodies and our families.  I believe that THM is one of those very special gifts.  It is my goal to help clients to incorporate the concepts of the THM Plan into their life in a very practical way, but also bringing a focus on the Lord as the ultimate Source of all good things. The spiritual and physical things have so many beautiful and amazing parallels that I love to bring out in my coaching style. 


I understand that this type of coaching is not for everyone.  I may bring up the Lord and share personal testimonies and encouragements. There is abundant hope as we not only apply the physical parts of the plan, but also the spirit of the plan into our lives.  There is truth, grace, practicality, and so many other beautiful and amazing parts of the THM plan that I desire for you to embrace in all the fullness and totality! 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions, and I hope to help you get started in your journey!!


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