Are health issues derailing your weight loss?

Discover how THM can help your body heal from the inside out and jump start your weight loss journey!

More than weight loss

Better Health for a

Better Life

I completely understand health challenges. I struggled for years with no success. God used THM and opened a turning point in my life to transform and renew my health and well-being in enormous ways.

Do you struggle with:

  • Autoimmune disorders?
  • Hormonal issues?
  • Immune system struggles?

You too can experience a metamorphosis of your own! Check out my story for more encouragement!

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As a coach, I focus on creative solutions for helping Mama’s with autoimmune challenges, hormone challenges, and slow losing challenges. I would love to help you gain momentum and make progress toward your weight loss and personal goals.

Dairy Free Lymphatic Reset with Coach Tabitha

This 6 day reset is designed to help you clear out dairy proteins for a full 6 days to reset and cleanse your lymphatic system so that you can better digest them when you start introducing dairy back in after the cleanse. 

This is a recurring group, dates TBD.

30 Min Jump Start

My 30 minute Jump Start call provides a personalized time getting to know you, and finding how to fire up your success! All for just $40!

45 Min à la carte

Get a comprehensive coaching experience including 1 week (3-5) of texts, meal planning help and recipe ideas and tips for just $45!

Monthly Individual Coaching

Your best plan offering weekly 30 min calls, 2-3 texts or emails per week, recipes and tips, & troubleshooting. $200/month – buy 3 months and save!

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Discovery Call

Doing THM alone is great… but doing THM Together is even better.

This plan is intended to be a fit into any lifestyle. Let’s make it work for you. SOAR Together with me in this journey of THM as we learn, grow, and walk out of some of the things holding us back from our goals. I’m excited to support you each step of the way through your personal journey.

Grab a 15 minute free call with me. Let’s discuss which of my coaching packages would be the best fit for you!

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What My Clients Are Saying

I love how Coach Tabitha is passionate about everything she does and Trim Healthy Mama is no exception. She is devoted to eating healthy and coaching others to do the same through Trim Healthy Mama!  Tabitha is very knowledgeable, helpful and excited to coach other women to becoming a Trim Healthy Mama! I would recommend coach Tabitha to anyone who wants to learn this new life style of eating and transforming their health!

Angie S

Coach Tabitha has been very helpful and encouraging to help me stay on plan even if I’m going out for an entire day.  She sent me several challenges on my day out with my husband and she really helps me to stay on the right track and stay motivated and encouraged!

Ruth N

I highly recommend Tabitha as a THM Coach.  She is very knowledgeable about how the plan works, and she breaks it down where it is easily understood.  I love that she has excellent and simple recipes and gives me good ideas for E meals which is the area I lack in creativity.  Coach Tabitha is inspiring and keeps the THM concepts simple and practical for me.  I recommend Tabitha as a coach. With her help, I have found my way to food freedom and I’ve already lost 20 pounds!

Monica M

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